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Man’s highest duty is to protect animals from cruelty. – Emile Zola

Leave a Bequest

One of the easiest ways to ensure that animals are protected in years to come is to include the Franschhoek SPCAs as a beneficiary in your Will.

A Will may be the most important personal document you ever sign, because it governs the administration and disposal of all that you have striven for in life. And we all want to protect what matters to us – from our beloved family to dearly held beliefs.

Like you, we believe that no animal should have to experience pain and suffering. Every living creature has intrinsic value and is a sentient being, and it is our responsibility to ensure that their welfare is respected and protected.

If you decide to make or update your Will and are kind enough to remember the Franschhoek SPCAs, we thank you!

One of the most important things our generation can do is to provide the means for the continued prevention of cruelty to animals in the future. Your gift to the Franschhoek SPCA – whether it is a bequest or a life insurance policy – can be pivotal to this aim.

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How to I start this process?

Bequests are critical to the long-term viability of animal welfare organisations. If you would like a Franschhoek SPCA representative to come to your home and discuss with you the possible options for a bequest, please call us at +27 83 745 5344 or send us an email at .

What forms can a bequest take?

A bequest is simply a gift of money or property left to a person or organisation after your death.

A specific sum of money

This is the simplest form of a bequest but makes no allowance for the effects of inflation or any changes in the value of your estate. If you choose this option, you need to review your will regularly to ensure the bequest remains relevant.

Specific items

Valuable items such as real estate, motor vehicles, antiques, artworks, jewellery, etc. may be bequeathed to an organisation such as the NSPCA.

A percentage of your estate

This ensures a fair distribution among all the beneficiaries, regardless of any influencing changes.

The residue of your estate

Whatever is left over after all taxes, liabilities and other bequests have been paid is known as the residue. You can bequeath the whole of the residue, or a percentage of it.

A life insurance policy

An existing policy, taken out years ago to safeguard a young family and no longer needed, can be ceded to the NSPCA. Or you can take out a new policy naming us as the beneficiary.

How do I change my existing Will?

Changes in tax law and your financial situation make it essential that you review your Will regularly. All that is required to update your Will is a simple Codicil, which is then attached to your Will. A Codicil is a legally binding instruction that effectively changes your Will without having to draft a new one, but it must be signed and witnessed with the same legal formalities as a Will.

Who is qualified to draw up a Will?

Bankers, accountants, attorneys and financial consultants are skilled in drawing up Wills. We strongly recommend that you seek advice from a lawyer or financial advisor to ensure your wishes take effect. You can then relax, knowing that what matters to you is protected. In your Will, it is important that the Franschhoek SPCA is correctly identified and that your chosen gift is described in sufficient detail. We recommend that you take the wording suggested below to your advisor for their information.

“I bequeath to the Franschhoek SPCA, registered NPO number 037-649NPO, of 6 La Provence St, Le Roux, Franschhoek, 7690, Western Cape, and I express the wish that such estate be used for the general purposes of the Franschhoek SPCA.”

Can I request that my gift goes towards a specific area of work?

It is preferable that your Will does not specify a restriction as to how the funds should be used. Instead, we ask that you allow the SPCA to decide how your gift will best protect animals in need, at the time it is received. Although we have long-term plans in place, animal welfare needs may change over time and it is important that we are able to protect those animals that need us most. However, if one particular aspect of the SPCA’s work means a great deal to you, then do let us know.

Your pledge to animals

We would really appreciate it if you could let us know your intentions – whatever decision you’ve made. Any information you give will be treated with the strictest confidence. Write to the Franschhoek SPCA at