Franschhoek SPCA

Registered member of the National Council of SPCAs

Take me to the forest and let me sing to the wounded birds, so I heal when they fly again. – Nitya Prakash

Protect the Birds

If you come across an injured bird, please contact the Franschhoek SPCA.

Signs to look out for
  • You can see obvious wounds or bleeding
  • If a bird has been caught by a dog or cat, there’s a risk it could develop an infection. So, they always need to be taken for treatment, even if you can’t see any obvious wounds
  • The bird doesn’t move when you approach them – it’s normal for healthy adult birds to rest on the ground, but they should still try to walk or fly away if someone approaches them
  • The bird’s feathers look fluffed up, but remember they will also do this during cold weather to keep warm
  • The bird can’t hold their head up straight or keep their balance properly, or their head and neck looks twisted
  • There’s swellings or crusty growths on the skin, usually seen on the face, legs or feet
  • The bird is panting or breathing fast, and you’ve seen them doing this for at least two hours. Panting is a normal way for birds to cool down if they’re too hot, but it can also be a sign of disease

Protect the owls. We need them

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